Good Luck!

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Messages of Support

Take a look at who's wished you Good Luck!



GB Olympic Athlete


World Championship Silver Medalist

Thank you so much for this amazing Good Luck message - this will give our children such a boost!

Declan Rice

West Ham United


England Midfielder

This is brilliant. Our pupils will be so impressed. Thank you for your message of Good luck!

Captain - Phil

Chelmsford Rugby Club

Thank you so much for your BIG good luck!

We will take your advice on board and

"Smash it!"


from #United

with a 'Good luck' message for everyone at Collingwood School but with a special shout out to pupils in 2H! How amazing is that!

Thank you for your Good Luck video!

Mike Mullen

from BMX academy

Lots of you will remeber Mike coming into school and showing us some tricks and talking about a growth mindset.

Remember FLERN?

Thank you so much for your message, your visit is still something our children remember.

Thank you @drwalker_s for your tweet:

Good luck

@CollingwoodPrim hope everyone at your school has a great #SportsDay2020 too!

So pleased you could join in the FUN!

Thank you Active Essex for your good luck message:

'We would like to send a massive good luck to all children from


for this years Sports Day!

It might be and feel slightly different, but we hope you will all get involved! We look forward to seeing lots of photos of you all joining in...staff and pupils that is!'

Thank you Chelmsford Hockey Club for your good luck message:

'To all children at


- have a fantastic Sports Day from Chelmsford Hockey Club. Get involved and have a load of fun! #backofthenet #cip2020

Thank you @harleybenn for your 'Good luck' tweet:

Good luck

to all the kids in their socially distanced sports day